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All MAFs on this page encapsulate Legacy TCGA exome samples called against HG19.  At present we do not serve whole genome or HG38 MAFs. Sample counts reflect the source MAFs prior to Firehose ingest; the counts may be reduced during ingest & processing, due to redactions, blacklisting, et cetera. The final counts of samples ingested into Firehose are given in our sample reports.

MAFs Ingested into Broad GDAC Firehose as of 10 March 2016


  • Format: <Serial Index>.<Revision>.0
  • Serial Index:
    • WashU: Increments after each Data Freeze by the AWG, all uploaded MAFs are AWG-curated
    • Broad: 0 indicates Auto-GSC generated MAF, 1 indicates AWG-curated MAF
    • Baylor: ?
  • Revision:
    • WashU: Changes since last Data Freeze (resets with increment of Serial Index)
    • Broad: Current data revision (archive version 1.n.0 based on archive version 0.n.0)
    • Baylor: ?
    • DCC: May increment after any auto-processing (e.g. converting from v2.2 to v2.3)

MAFs Available from TCGA DCC as of 03 June 2016, now mostly hosted at the GDC