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1.1.6 beta (2015_05_11)

  • FeatureTable api: fixed GDAC-2988 (selecting columns was causing exception)
  • SMG apichanged the default to sort by rank instead of q value" server/apis/analyses/

1.1.5 beta (2015_05_11)

  • iCoMut: a powerful new synoptic tool for interpretation and exploration  CoMut figures have quickly become a staple of TCGA research. Within a single graphic they provide a comprehensive analysis profile, enabling the reader to quickly infer relationships between co-occurring results. WithiCoMut researchers can now explore coMut figures interactively, sorting and reordering samples and results as they see fit.
  • New viewGene expression visualizer: built on top of the FireBrowse RESTful API, viewGene generates a boxplot of mRNASeq expression levels for a selected gene across all cohorts.
  • The fbget suite of automatically-generated, open source wrappers to the FireBrowse RESTful API.  fbget makes it even easier to ask both coarse- and fine-grained questions about TCGA data and Firehose analyses, from Python and the UNIX command line.

  • Reports and FeatureTable apis now make older results available, too, not merely those from the latest analysis run. The search criterion is YYYY_MM_DD datestamp.
  • Many recent enhancements as described in April 2015 stddata run notes.
  • Also note: FireBrowseR, a set of open source R bindings to FireBrowse contributed by a computer science Ph.D. student in Germany!
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