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  1. Access to the GDAC bucket for reference files
    1. egress pay: need to turn on requestor_pays bit 
    2. authorization domain
    3. proxy groups and how to keep track of them in a bucket: currently have 2 proxy groups
  2. CPTAC3 data in FC may help entice new CPTAC users, but it is also akin to replicating DCC
    1. so, let's wait until potential CPTAC users make explicit requests
  3. TODO:
    1. Mani will explore using auth domain for new CPTAC FC users
    2. Mike will ping NCI about FireCloud SW session in May F2F
    3. Mike/Sam will price physical hardware & compare to Google VMs, as potential spend for $25K FC disbursement

March 19, 2018

  1. Review draft agenda for agenda for May F2F
  2. Decide additional attendees
  3. (Fire)Cloud costs for CPTAC-wide usage:  $25K seems to have effectively been reduced
  4. Batches 1 and 2 of genomic data are located at   /xchip/gdac_data/cptac3/genomic_data_mirror

    1. WashU has apparently re-submitted batch1 RNASeq data, using MapSlice to map transcripts to gene level

    2. So we should be able, in principle, to proceed with our mRNA pipelines

  5. Mike has a short, unifying wrapper to all 3 of the DCC upload/download utilities, and can install to Unix server upon request
  6. Integrative Analyses:
    1. Karsten:  proteomic pathways ... 
    2. Mani: map genomic CN data to LINCs, correlate w/ RNAseq signatures?
    3. Possibly: multi-omics clustering
  7. TODO:
    1. Firecloud workshop scheduling
    2. Mike push cptac wrapper script to Unix servers