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  1. Access to the GDAC bucket for reference files
    1. egress pay
    2. authorization domain
    3. proxy groups and how to keep track of them in a bucket: currently have 2 proxy groups

March 19, 2018

  1. Review draft agenda for May F2F
  2. Decide additional attendees
  3. (Fire)Cloud costs for CPTAC-wide usage:  $25K seems to have effectively been reduced
  4. Batches 1 and 2 of genomic data are located at   /xchip/gdac_data/cptac3/genomic_data_mirror

    1. WashU has apparently re-submitted batch1 RNASeq data, using MapSlice to map transcripts to gene level

    2. So we should be able, in principle, to proceed with our mRNA pipelines

  5. Mike has a short, unifying wrapper to all 3 of the DCC upload/download utilities, and can install to Unix server upon request
  6. Integrative Analyses:
    1. Karsten:  proteomic pathways ... 
    2. Mani: map genomic CN data to LINCs, correlate w/ RNAseq signatures?
    3. Possibly: multi-omics clustering
  7. TODO:
    1. Firecloud workshop scheduling
    2. Mike push cptac wrapper script to Unix servers