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  1.  Items from 11/27 meeting that was cancelled
  2. GDC and CPTAC:  summary notes from week of  2017_12_06
    1. Original plan (and data products) given here
    2. Impact to CGDAC (the CGA part of proteomics GDAC) sketched below
    3. Initial data generation will be shifting from GDC to WashU
          Mutation calls (both WES and WGS)
          CN generation
          RNAseq calls
      WashU products deposited to Georgetown DCC
      Broad download & remap names as needed/appropriate

    4. What's next?
      FireCloud (as a trusted partner) now being considered as a distribution point
      Per Chris Kinsinger feeler conversation on 2017_12_01

    5. So, because these data will be HG19 ... our CGA/GDAC in CPTAC may be better utilized by shifting gears, from running existing FireCloud HG38 genomic pipelines on HG19 data (which lead to broken results) ... to loading these HG19 data products from WashU into FireCloud so that it can serve as a distribution point

    6. Side Q: why Georgetown DCC not considered for this? Scale? Absence of trusted partner status?

  3. Status on $25K to fund use of FireCloud across entire CPTAC?
    1. any progress: NO, there was an attempt to issue as AWS credits ... currently stuck w/r/t GoogleCredits ... stay tuned
    2. billing project?

Nov 27, 2017