[GDAC-users] Re: Firebrowse question

Subject:   [GDAC-users] Re: Firebrowse question (more for this subject)
From:   Michael Noble <> (more from this sender)
Date:   Oct 23, 2015 11:32

For the record:  I responded to Esther offline.  I have some Python code  
that we should add to the FireBrowse portal to generate differential  
p-values, but that will take another week or so to push through development  
integration and testing.  In the meantime I calculated the p-values for  
Esther (for the gene/cohorts in question) by using fbget to retrieve the  
tumor/normal expression values and running through the new Python code.
On Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 2:04:54 PM UTC-4, Esther Rheinbay wrote:
> Hi GDAC team,  
> I downloaded a diff. gene expression image from Firebrowse (thanks, Mike,  
> for telling me how to do this last time), and how I am wondering where I  
> can find the p-values for the expression differences. Is there an easy way  
> to retrieve these?
> Thanks!
> esther
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