Re: [GDAC-users] issue downloading Firehose report file: KIRP and UCEC

Subject:   Re: [GDAC-users] issue downloading Firehose report file: KIRP and UCEC (more for this subject)
From:   Michael Noble <> (more from this sender)
Date:   Oct 23, 2015 11:09

Dear Laura,
Please accept my apologies for our team not answering your question promptly.   
We saw these requests come in, but they slipped through the cracks.  We will
get back to you with more info in a short while (definitely today).
Best Regards,

Michael S. Noble
Assistant Director for Data Science
Cancer Genome Computational Analysis
The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
Manager, Genome Data Analysis Center
The Cancer Genome Atlas
On Oct 23, 2015, at 11:01 AM, Laura Fancello <> wrote:
> Dear,
> I am trying to download the full table of the analysis "Clustering of mRNAseq gene expression: consensus hierarchical" in both KIRP and UCEC (Firehose release 15 january 2014) but the download fails (and if I just try to visualize it online I get:
> The requested URL /runs/analyses__2014_01_15/reports/cancer/UCEC/mRNAseq_Clustering_Consensus/UCEC-TP.seclectedSubclassmarkers.txt was not found on this server.
> Can you please help me with that?
> Thanks,
> Laura Fancello
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