[GDAC-users] Firebrowse question

Subject:   [GDAC-users] Firebrowse question (find more)
From:   Esther Rheinbay <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Oct 20, 2015 14:04

Hi GDAC team,
I downloaded a diff. gene expression image from Firebrowse (thanks, Mike,
for telling me how to do this last time), and how I am wondering where I
can find the p-values for the expression differences. Is there an easy way
to retrieve these?
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  • [GDAC-users] Firebrowse question Esther Rheinbay <hidden>
    • [GDAC-users] Re: Firebrowse question Michael Noble <hidden>

      record: I responded to Esther offline. I have some Python code that we should add to the FireBrowse portal to generate differential pvalues, but that will take another week or so to push through development integration and testing. In the meantime I calculated ...