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Analyze Lung WGS data:               Hailei Zhang, David Heiman, Gaddy Getz
Generate decision trees:                Gaddy Getz, Sam Meier, Mike Noble
Deconvolute tissue composition: Sam Meier, David Heiman
                      (TDI)                            Status: still in preliminary analysis & basic algorithm development, so not quite ready for
                                                          Processing GDAC effort (other than presence on calls)
 Ancestry informative markers:     Sam Meier
                       (AIM)                           Goal of determining lineage of all TCGA cases, like MC3-style projects;  
                                                          Led by Broad CN GDAC Rameen & Andy Cherniack
HG38 QC:                                         Mike Noble (Chair), entire Broad Processing GDAC
Tumor/Molecular Pathology:          Keith Flaherty  + maybe new postdoc or Kirstin (but not for now)
Notes: the primary attendee and point of contact from the Broad GDAC is listed first for each of these AWGs
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