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This page exists to simplify management of the GDAC portion of author lists for TCGA marker papers.   In general "The TCGA Network" is cited as the global author (on the front page), and the contributors from each TCGA center are listed on a per-center basis near the references section.  The Broad GDAC contribution to the latter should look like:


Broad Institute Genome Data Analysis Center:   Michael S. Noble, Hailei Zhang, David I. Heiman, Juok Cho, Nils Gehlenborg, Gordon Saksena, Douglas Voet, Pei Lin, Scott Frazer,Timothy DeFreitas, Sam Meier, Jaegil Kim, Michael S. Lawrence, Gad Getz


During the manuscript publication process, when the Program Office analyst (or manuscript writing chair, etc) sends around a spreadsheet to confirm authorship, each of these contributors should appear, using the email, institutional affiliation(s) and addresses listed in this author information Google spreadsheet.  Only the names given here should appear under the GDAC section–any others should be removed.

Mike Noble will maintain this contributor list, and Lidia Graziano will maintain the spreadsheet and respond to authorship queries.

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